Peachtree City resident Phil Downs asks a few More Storage customers about their experience…

Philip Threlkeld, Electrical & Lighting Solutions

“I am very pleased with More Storage in Peachtree City. I need a storage facility that I can access when I need to but it also needs to be secured so my property is safe. They have security camera’s all throughout the complex and the entry is easy to open and close. I have been a customer of More Storage for years and plan on staying for many more years to come. Thanks Dixie!”

Philip Threlkeld
Electrical & Lighting Solutions

Brooks Tilton

“No leakage problems or anything like that. The electronic gate has always worked just fine. Earl just installed some new security cameras and has always had it well lighted at all times. It’s nice to have Earl’s Quality Car Care in the front. Numerous time I’ve had problems with one of my trailers, my vehicles, or one of my tractors that I keep inside and have needed a little bit of repair, a tire or something like that, and it’s been nice to have the repair shop right in front of the storage units.”

“They are very accommodating, we’ve never had a problem with the unit. We will remain a client. It’s convenient and we’ve never ever had a problem. ”Karyn Ann, World Gym

Chuck Freeman

“They are friendly people, the storage unit is always kept up, my unit is never blocked. It’s gated and well lit. Earl keeps all that up, the gate always works right.”